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  • QID's  QR and NFC (Near Field Communication) with engaging content unleashing their potential reaching thousands not only one with a simple scan or tap ..Reaching new customers and client individuals relevant to your business with authored recommendations to thousands of individuals instantly! QR codes & NFC tags that can easily be applied to any or all of your current and upcoming media making ANYTHING Viral with the scan or tap of a phone
UNLIMITED QR Codes & Scans          

INCLUDES 100  Pre Programmed Tags 


  • .Bringing professionalism to your recommendations allowing users to become publishers for recommendations bringing peace of mind to your social media strategy 
  • QID gives you the key to a complete online solution for tailored your business. Engaging customers by recommending the hundreds or thousands connected to the device More customers = MORE PROFIT $$$$




 Sustainability & Reduced Costs

  • .You  instantly inherit the capabilities of the social media expert
  • .Reduce thousands of dollars expended monthly on outdated inefficient forms of marketing or attempting social engagement on your own 
  • QID allows you to have the marketing done for you through social word of mouth! 
  • QID gives you a social adviser, consultant, & marketer with years of experience! without the hourly rate 
  • instant updates to all of your media with the touch of a screen 
  • Paperless updates equals a reduced cost & carbon footprint of your business 

 Increased Insight

  • Access information relevant to your valued clients Gather Emails .Know which social networks your customers are using , 
  • See who, when, where, & why your customers are becoming more social with your business service or product 
  • Analytic Reports Down do the hour and up to each monthly quarter for your business
  • Animation: Create a blue bar graph animation of increasing exposure over time
  • Gain Insight on your market 





  1. Have you ever thought of reaching more than your existing customer base?
  2. Who or what is really in control of growing, expanding, & recommending your business? you or your customers?
  3. What have you put into place thus far to create a reality of clients publishing or ideal recommendations?
  4. Where if any are your current social media points of engagement as well as potential prospects when they need your product or service?
  5. When someone comes into contact with our physical media or digital information are we gaining those individuals recommendations instantly? If not why is this?
  6. Why would people recommend your business to begin with what makes you worthy of an ideal recommendation?
  7. How would you feel if most customers never recommended your business to anyone?
  8. Do you believe a beneficial decision for your business, is to take responsibility of the recommendations for your business? Rather than leave successful referrals to chance conversation...
  9. Will innovation distinguish between those who lead and follow within business? such as the proper usage & implementation of technology (NFC & QR codes)
  10. Would being the author of the recommendations and having consumers publish them make sense to you?
  11. Would you agree that customers recommending your business product or service are critical to your success? 

If any of the following questions make yo
We bring the information of your business to the masses that would otherwise not receive your message 
This intern increases the amount of traffic for your business, product, mission statement or whatever you choose to go viral

QID puts the POWER personal recommendations through social networks in your own hands!