MAGNETIC COUNTER MATS 8.5"x11" 11"x17" 16"x20" 18"x24"

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Interchangeable counter mats will keep your important information viewable, organized and safe from daily elements that could be damaging…one organizer does it all. Subsurface printing ensures your image will remain vibrant and untarnished, while our unique magnetic-frame construction keeps content clean and in place. This is our most durable, interchangeable counter mat! 

  • Magnetic strips attached to (3) sides to insert signs.
  • 1-1/8" black framed edge with a non-skid bottom.
  • Vynex texture has black matte finish and synthetic rubber backing.

Turn your countertop into a selling area with a counter mat! This counter mat, also known as a promotional display, can be used effectively to create brand awareness. This counter mat has a window for viewing an 8-1/2" x 11" graphic. Insert a horizontal or vertical advertisement through a slit on the side and orient the counter mat as needed. A decorative 1" black border surrounds your graphic. The counter mat is made of rubber and is also waterproof. This rubber counter mat has a durable, protective cover that won't produce a glare. It has an 1/8" base that will not skid. The counter mat will not scratch and functions as a writing surface. Overall dimensions of mat are 10-1/2" x 13-1/8". This counter mat, also known as a countertop advertising display, is designed for frequent and heavy use.


For Orders Larger then 100 Please Call or Inquire for Pricing 


Custom Artwork and shapes also available 



A counter mat with ad window can easily be changed by lifting the top section, keeping the promotional display current. Magnetic strips are on (3) sides of the base to hold the window closed. This counter mat that is rubber, for marketing, is ideal for commercial and retail environments since promotions are constantly changing. When merchants need to update the signs, they simply lift the top section for a clean display with no center bubble. A counter mat that is durable, with magnetic strips, is great for location specific information and frequently changing out pricing, menus, and other promotions. The window allows for an effective, eye-catching promotional display. This counter mat that is waterproof, also known as custom signs, is latex-free making them not only ideal for public retail atmospheres but also for educational and healthcare promotions too! The window for advertising allows businesses to communicate with customers one last time at the check-out areas.


Our Stock Magnet Edge Window Counter mats are a durable commercial-grade counter top display product. These mats have a 1" blank, black border (no imprint). They feature a lift-up top and open like a book making it easy to place one large insert or multiple smaller inserts. The top is permanently bonded along one edge and the other three edges have nearly a full 1" magnet strip flush with the entire edge and around the corners which strengthens and protects are two size options. The 10.5" x 13" mat is designed to hold an 8.5" x 11" insert and the 13" x 19" mat has an 11" x 17" window for one large insert or two 8.5" x 11" inserts side by side.The base material is 1/16" heavy-duty rubber.