Digital Counter Mats with QR & NFC (Tracks Engagement)

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Order your QID Social Software & Digital Business Pad(s) NOW! at , and begin to use social media the right way!

The Digital Business Pad is as simple as it is effective. Over 2,000 years ago, Archimedes said, "Give me a simple lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world." Our social media marketing tech can be that lever for lifting your brand and sales to exciting new markets through all social media corridors. Whether you are a high-tech company exploring innovative technical markets or a solid ‘brick-and-mortar’ business with a low-tech approach to your market, we have a solution that is right for you. Simply Call 708 620 9483 and we will begin to take care of all the details for your business

There are over a billion people on Facebook. Imagine if you could reach them all to promote your business or send a message.

The traditional and most popular approach is to:

Setup a Facebook account
Grow your network by inviting people to ‘Like’ your page.
Post regular content onto your page.

This approach doesn't work. Here’s why.

There are over a billion people on Facebook, and when you create your account, you are connected to none of them….zero! Facebook posts are only viewable by your friends. And even when you get 100 friends or even 1,000 friends, you can only post a message to those 100 or 1,000 people…not the billion plus that exist on Facebook.

Let’s say you have 350 friends on Facebook. This is about average. If you post content on your wall, it can only viewed by those 350 people…your friends. And worse, everytime you post, it’s being seen again by the very same 350 people.

Now consider this. Post your cool content on the walls of all 350 of your friends, the number of potential viewers jumps to way over a hundred thousand (122,500). Now, what if each of those hundred thousand plus posted your content to their 350 friends. You’d reach over 42 million people (42,875,000). This is the power of social media done the right way, and it's the best way to reach the 1 billion+ online.

That's why we invented Digital Business Pad.

Customers come into my business every day. I want them to get the word out about my business on their own private social media networks. As a customer orders, we invite him to place his phone on the digital business pad, and a micro-website instantly appears on his smartphone. The screen has hot links with all of my business information like my phone, email, website, maps, social links, YouTube channel, Yelp Reviews, and more. On the bottom of the screen, the customer is empowered to share my information with a pre-authored recommendation onto his own private Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. With a single click, my customer shares a recommendation for my business to his entire group of friends. I even offer a free item or coupon for his next visit in exchange for helping me.

I've just reached an entirely new group of hundreds or even thousands of people in a matter of seconds. Imagine when a bunch of customers start using this!

And now, the digital business pad can also be carried in your pocket, check out the digital business card!