QID Digitial Identity All Your Networks In One Place Includes NFC QR SMS Business Cards

Tap Scan or Text  Your Digital Identity 


PVC Platic Business Cards with NFC technology
  • High-quality PVC with the most versatile NFC Tag on the Market the NTAG 213
  • Easy to program actions to the embedded NFC chip
  • Trigger digital Actions with a single tap
  • Make smarter, faster connections for your business



Update it

There’s no reason that what your NFC card links to today, has to be the same as it was yesterday. You can update your QID Digital Idenity right from the Admin Panel



Share it

My music, your blog, that movie, tomorrow’s technology, yesterdays style. Media, pictures, posts, Social Networks — anything and everything can be updated from the cloud on with your newly acquired

Map it

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Your new associate can simply tap scan or text your card to their phone and “bang” - you’re in their contacts  . Not lost, and never forgotten

Please note: QID cards come with the stock Chmelaeon Artwork on the Back & will contain  your custom QR & Shortcode to your QID of your choosing or Launch an Application


ALSO PLEASE BE SURE TO Send us all your contact information such as url links such as social networks, email address, phone number, or whatever else you wish for us to program to your QID Digital Identity to info@chmelaeon.com with your order #


to gain the benefits  and advanced functionalities of the QID software suite as seen in the video

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