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    What is QID?

    QID aggregates and organizes digital information into a single mobile-friendly web application that can easily be captured into any smartphone using modern scanning technologies and shared with others on social networks with a single click.

    Too many people don't have a clear understanding of their own digital profile.  For example, most people have a phone number and email.  Some have a website and social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.  Some have a physical office while others work from home.  Some are featured on YouTube or reviewed on Yelp and Google+.   A business card often contains some of this information.  Your website has other information.  And some information can only be found through a Google search or may be hidden altogether. 


    What comes with a QID?

    First, we aggregate and organize your digital profile by collecting your contact information, social media affiliations, and other approved web-based references to you and your company.  Then, we develop your mobile friendly web application.  We create a QR Code that accesses your QID, and we program NFC chips that displays your QID. as well as a text code that sends people to your QID

     Promotional Material is compensated by Chmelaeon by choosing the yearly plan which includes the following 


    Digital Business Pads with NFC QR & Text Code




    Customized QID Digital Identity PVC Business Cards, with NFC QR & Text Code


     POS (point of sale) cards or placards (Maximum of 50)  with your QR Code, NFC Tags Text Code and customized graphic art included 


    High-resolution image of your QR Code  (Customized Option Shown)  that you can add to your business cards, promotional material, invoices, advertising, and more.  



    The Rule of thumb is to place your QID anywhere that you currently print your company logo. 



    How much does QID Cost?

    The setup cost for (QID) for business including the hosting, maintenance, and USA based support for QID costs $99/month. OR $999  with 1 Year with Signup

    What is a QR Code?

    QR Code is a square pixelated code that can be scanned by a smartphone to trigger some function on the phone.  They are often used to open a website in your browser, dial a number or ‘Like’ someone on Facebook.  QR Codes can be used to open a QID on the default browser of a smartphone or smart device. such as .www.qidpro.com/chmelaeon


    How does QID use NFC?

    Near Field Communication (NFC) is new radio-frequency technology that allows a person to tap a smartphone within an inch of the NFC to display your QID.  NFC is new technology that can only be accessed by late-model Android, Blackberry, or Windows smartphones.  Users must enable NFC (located in their “settings” menu.)




    Why do I need social media marketing?

    Social Media Marketing is used to attract people primarily under the age of 50.  This group includes the 50MM Generation X and 90MM Generation Y who are the next generations to control the wealth in the United States.  Traditional marketing attracts mostly people 50 and above.   These are mostly the 70MM Baby Boomers who are either retired or nearing the end of their career.  Most businesses today target customers in both groups.  And for that reason, its beneficial to do both traditional marketing and social media marketing.  This is exactly what QID does. 




    I already use social media.

    Many business owners already use social media effectively to grow their business.  Our goal is to use social media in a new way that doesn’t just attract people to your social media platform; rather produce CASHFLOW  from it. Rather, QID provides the means for your customers to take your information and value proposition and post in onto their social networks. 


    What’s wrong with just keeping things the same?

    With the invention of the Internet, networking has expanded beyond the arms-length transactions like business cards exchange and word-of-mouth referrals.  Today, technology allows anybody to connect to hundreds of people at once.  And we can connect through those people to their social network.  Young people love technology.  Others fear change.  Regardless your position, technology is here to stay. 


    I’m not comfortable using social media for my business.

    You are not alone.  Like most new technologies, there will be early adopters and late bloomers.  Our mission works for businesses that want to survive in our ever-changing world by establishing connections online and sharing them with each other.   This requires that business owners today break-through their reservations about technology.  We make this easy with QID.


    My company sells mostly business-to-business B2B, social media does not work well for me.

    B2B businesses might glean more value from networks like LinkedIn than from Facebook or Pinterest.   All social media networks offer a myriad of ways to “promote” business.  Some are better than others depending on the type of business.  All businesses benefit the most by learning all of the techniques and then applying those best suited for them.  Regardless of the type of business you own, QID promotes your business to way more people than traditional methods. 


    Is my data protected?

    Customer data will be used for purposes related to building, supporting, and improving your QID.  It will not be distributed or sold to any outside party.



    Industry or corporate regulations prevent me from offering incentives or discounts.

    The QID share functionality gives you the option to make an offer in exchange for sharing your QID on social media.  This feature is optional.  We have alternatives for customers with regulations that prevent incentivized sharing.


    We bring the information of your business to the masses to receive your value add through the masses social reach


    This intern increases the amount of traffic for your business, product, mission statement or whatever you choose to go viral
    QID puts the POWER personal recommendations through social networks in your own hands!