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We are the premiere Midwest Consulting Company 

Business Management, Marketing, Networking,  
We have worked with hundreds of businesses  small, mid cap, as well as enterprise level oganizations , 501c3 Charities, NGOs, & C level Individuals across the United states  

Some of our projects 

in less then 120 man hours or rather $2140  Chameleon achieved the following For "Share Your Soles" 501c3 Charity 


  1. The Creation of an Inventory Management System & E commerce Solution for all incoming and outgoing product suited for raising capital for Share Your Soles 

  2. Reduced packing & shipping costs by up to 52% per order

  3. Established a 98% customer satisfaction rate 

  4. Grossed $8,160 

  5. We aggregated over 68,000 Dollars of Online Inventory On average $566 posted per hour 

  6. Photographed and archived over 4500 photos & Shipping Forms 

  7. Transformed an overall company expense of $3,000  into an $8,160 outcome a Gross Margin of 63.24% 

  8. Created videos regarding activities at the Charity  

  9. Provided Office related troubleshooting and solutions 

Now that  you have a professionally manged inventory  in place profit margins can be even higher per man hour!

 Cash flow of  $1000- $2500 per month and growing  We are extremely Grateful of what we have accomplished with our time at Share Your Soles as well as what we have learned from Mona "Modern Day Mother Teresa" & Fonder of Share Your Soles" on the value of contributing beyond ones self!



. Assistance in Hosting The AMC Agriculture Engineering Conference BadgeQ event Paperless information exchange


.Creation of Enterprise Class Marketing Campaigns Implementing the most cutting edge technologies while adapting with the current consumer marketplace ex.



. Acquiring more customers for countless small businesses by aggregating ad campaigns on the most relevant social networks according to industry reducing costs & up to $35,000 per client  as opposed to a full time staffer or man hours spent on social networks 

Feel Free to Call us Your $500 Consultation is Compensated 

Together we  implement the most cutting edge strategies technologies & methodologies to achieve business & financial  mastery! 


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Jack Chmela

Principal Chmelaeon Inc.