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A smart poster is the next generation of poster, it still has the visual impact of a traditional poster that showcases your promotion but it also has an enhanced interactivity which connects the physical world to the virtual world  

Which really means to you the following 

  • More Engaged Customers when viewing your brand 
  • Increased amounts of recurring sales as a result of being followed on social
  • .Increased perception of value for your brand with prestigious touchable displays
  • Increased amount of reviews for the business or brand; meaning more sales as a result of brand reputation though SEO and the internet. 

Chmelaeon does this by using newest technologies e.x. NFC (Touch) & QR codes (Scan) to allow a person to easily access information immediately on their smartphone over the internet as opposed to searching though it....

A traditional poster only gives a visual promotion for either an offer a phone number or a web address. This then requires the customer to either remember the offer and go in store to redeem it or get there phone out and physically input and store the phone number or web address.

(Major pain in the tail that leads to lost conversions!) 

In todays busy world where people are bombarded with offers people do not have the time nor inclination to stop and do this. Therefore the response rates are very low with minimal trackability.

We need to make this simpler for the end user to access the offers and content on the move and smart posters do this. By enabling someone to very simply scan a code or touch their nfc enabled phone against the poster they can be instantly redirected on their mobile phone to the advertising content.

This can be anything from getting the user to Go to website View a product they can purchase Like a facebook page Go to Twitter Go to Foursquare Opt in for more information Download an app Download a coupon Download a video Tap to call (store your number) Join your loyalty program and much more

Suddenly the poster is not just a visual offer but it actually allows you to gain repeat business, customer loyalty and even instant sales!

This has all the benefits of the traditional poster but it is a dramatic enhancement that offers much more.
Tracking Campaigns

NFC Tracking Campaign

Our smart posters that we create can be stand alone or connect to our statistical backend QID software. This is highly unique and means that every interaction through qr code to nfc tap is tracked.

Once a customer scans the code or taps the tag their phone is redirected to the url specified, our software then identifies where the customer was located, which is incredibly useful if posters are on multiple sites and it then reports the type of phone they are using.

This means you get very valuable data back so that you can measure the success of each poster campaign in each location.

With traditional print only posters this level of reporting is simply impossible, we make this possible through our smart posters by utilizing our tracking software system.